Ino-Co Team is proud to present TankON: Modern Defender game for Android-based smatphones and tablets!

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TankON: Modern Defender is an arcade game with role-playing elements. You'll have to defend your base by destoying enemy SUVs, tanks and helicopters.

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Last Updated (Thursday, 21 November 2013 21:11)


# 2012-09-20 16:34
Awesome game! I love it!
I just wish the nuclear bomb was more useful, it costs so much, both gold and power yet it's really useless, bomb just once and it doesn't even kill all enemies
# 2012-11-24 21:01
You implemented a daily reward system, but why the hell does it have a 5 day lifespan? if someone turns on the game everyday for more than 5 days doesn't he deserve something more than 300 silver or a singular gold coin? I'm currently on lvl 145, my lvl 39 minigun requires 37000 silver to upgrade and I LAUGH when I see the daily bonus notification becouse I know it's not worth the effort to collect it. Tank-on brings me alot of joy, and I will continue to play it. But please, think about it- a long term daily bonus system wouldn't hurt and more players would decide to play much longer.